Saturday, 30 November 2013

Battery compartment and some bits for IVA

The main cables were run into the battery compartment but still needed cut to length and connected up. I had ordered a 200 Amp Relay which got delayed a bit but now that its arrived it was as good a time as any to get that compartment finished.
Once the isolation relay was mounted and the trigger wire ran inside the car, the heavy duty cables were all connected up. The trigger wire is a ground connection so power to the other side of the coil was just taken from the main battery feed with a small inline fuse. 
A rubber cover was also put over the positive battery terminal, think I read somewhere its required for the IVA.

On the IVA note, some time was spent in the foot wells today making sure all bolts had caps or were button heads, foam on the bottom edges of the wiper motor and along the back edge of the alloy infill panel under the dash. The windscreen pillar posts had alloy covers but added rubber edging around the covers. On the drivers side the pedals got some abrasive material for grip.

Ran a wee bit of rubber around the door finisher as just just encase.

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