Sunday, 17 November 2013

Battery support and steering column dressing

Came out to the workshop this morning all ready to rumble but one look and I remembered it was time to have a good tidy up and get everything back to where it should be, that took care of 2 hours.
The GD Battery compartment is quite tight to get a good sized battery in and with the opening the battery needs to be twisted at an angle to enter and then turn broadside, not the easiest thing to do under a wheel arch with a lead acid battery. To make sure I could get the biggest battery in that would fit I made up a raised support which allowed a slightly bigger battery.
The battery I'm using is a Solite 630 CCA with a 70AH capacity measures 260mmx175mm and has a height of 200mm.
When the support was installed I laid some rubber on top between it and the battery.

The other job I tacked today was the steering column shroud and covering it with leather the same as the interior and also fitting the stainless steel front which GD had made.
No point in a step by step guide to doing this as I done it from Simon's post on his blog which gives a step by step guide.  CLICKY

I'm not sure whether I can fit the GD stalks I had made now or if I need to wait to after the IVA ,I'll check this one out with Andy before fitting them.

Not sure whats next on my list to do, one thing for sure its not a short list but I'll make that decision after some sleep :)

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