Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fog light, handbrake switch and brake compartment light.

All the wee jobs take loads of time up and what you think will take an hour normally takes 3 hours by the time you decide what way to do it and get started.
I removed the GD rear fog light I had put on earlier for a not so cool looking IVA square E marked light which mean modifying the new light a bit and lifting part of the boot carpets which had been glued in.
That's one less job to do off the IVA list when it comes round to that time.

The led lights I ordered of evil bay arrived and I installed one in the Brake / clutch compartment which took a few hours flaffing about and getting tings tidy. I angled the light so it put plenty of light around the washer bottle as well.

Great wee light and £6.59 for 2, but with no seals I would not like to try them on the outside of a car as that is what they are listed for, day running lights :D

I'm using a Jag fly off handbrake and whether the brake is on or off the handle is down so I wanted a warning switch added to the handbrake, this took a wee bit of work as I had to come up with a bracket to get the switch arm working in the right position.

My handbrake cable is the right length and the right end for the handbrake side of things but its a tad to long and has the wrong end on it for my Jag calipers so after working it work I sent of an email to speedy cables today and hopefully they can shorten it and put the correct end on the cable and let me get the handbrake finished.

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