Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brake/ Compartment and side vent

I had added some gel coat to the car in the engine bay where there were a couple of holes that were not being used and also a couple of small repairs on the outer body so in the mean time it was on with a few other wee jobs.
The brake clutch compartment just needed the reservoirs finished and its now ready for the DOT4 to be added to both systems.

The long stainless M3 button head bolts and nuts arrived, so that is another job progressing at the moment, I cut some spacers for the back of the temporary infill panels that I had made so they would fit flush with the body. On the passenger side 20mm holes were drilled to allow air into the heater box. 
I just need to fit some 20mm grommets to the holes and get the drivers side one completed.

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