Sunday, 10 November 2013

Well another day another Dollar or something like that the saying goes but its a Cobra build so the saying should be another day another few GDP spent on  ebay and the net on nick knacks plus a trip to B&Q for another tin of impact adhesive :)
No pics today as it was just wiring and if you decide like many have done to modify wiring ie hide wires or add wiring for heated seats etc, time just becomes a big sponge. Today I modified the heater wiring and got it connected up thanks to

 the Diagram from Denis is spot on and so easy to see the whole wiring for the heater from start to finish, He has done this for the different sections of the GD Cobra loom, Thanks :)

With the heater out of the road I then took into the wiring and conduit work for the heated seats which meant re gluing some of the carpet hence the visit to B&Q. The wiring is all done and dusted now up to the dash area I'll have to wait for some IVA type switches arriving to finish of the wiring.
IF and thats always the big question, all goes Cobra wise and life in general I'm hoping to have the wiring mainly sorted this week and some power applied to the car APART from the ECU so I can test the wiring and once thats all sorted well hmmmm the scary bit but the exciting bit we all look forward to 3,2,1   we have ignition :D

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