Thursday, 6 January 2011

Roll Bars

Worked on at the roll bars but as usual getting time is my biggest problem.
To mark out the holes for the Bars I made a sleeve to fit the dremel bit that was the size of the holes on the chassis. Once i got the holes done I drilled out the lower body holes with the hole saw bigger than the bars.
Then a length of 12mm threaded bar was bolted to the holes and i put the level on them making 2 marks at right angles to the roof of the boot.

Once i marked the where the top holes were to be I drilled a 3mm hole through, then dropped a plum line down from the top to check the holes were accurate.

Here's a pic from under the car as well with the plumb line down through the chassis hole.

Once I was happy with the alignment i then drilled the top holes in the shell but drilled them just the size of the bars. Once that was done i fettled the holes to get the 2 front bars to fit. Once I was happy with them I done the 3rd leg.
When the bars were all fitted and tightened up I used a washer to mark a 5mm gap around the bars to fit the rubber grommets.
One of those jobs that just takes loads and loads of time but one you don't want to get wrong :)