Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's alive

Its that time and with all the Engine and ECU wiring done it was time to empty in a Jerry can of fuel into the tank and fill the system with coolant.
I hooked up a battery we had here in one of the classic cars and put the battery charger on start mode.....................................................................  With a rather nervous turn of the ignition the start button was gingerly pushed and she started to crank over the fuel pump had already kicked into life with the turn of the ignition key, The engine after a couple of turns made an attempt to start but I could smell petrol so had a look around the fuel system and we had a leak at the blanked side of the regulator.
A wee while later and fixed it was back to starting up the engine again and it burst into life......... man thats a good feeling.
The engine was run up to temperature and everything was fine apart from a slight leak at the manifold gasket which proved to be a very time consuming snag to fix on the manifolds.
After talking to Andy at GD, the engine was run again with the Radiator cap of to watch for the thermostat opening and the flow through the expansion tank. It is not long after the stat opens that the 1st fan should kick in and its a very good way of gauging the temperature of the engine as the Smiths gauges are only approx.
As the stat opens gradually the flow is slow at the start then it goes into full flow.
No other problems found apart from one of the fans needing connections changed to pull instead of pushing the air flow.
Added a wee video of the engine now. and very happy that the car is at this stage so time permitting its full steam ahead for the next couple of days and get a few other jobs of the very long list that is still to be done.

Engine start up Video

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