Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wiring , yup more wiring.

Went on a visit to the scrap yard today on the quest to get a OB2 data socket and after standing in a que for 30 mins I got sent out the back with a high vis vest to obtain the elusive socket to which the guys hadn't a clue as to what it was.
This evening with much help from  Happy Jim  I was able to sort out the MIL lamp trigger wire and also work out the fan 1 and fan 2 triggers on the LS6 ECU same as LS1,. Next was to confirm the wiring and check out the OB2 data wire.  The OB2 data socket still needs sorted and hooked up into the car and the MIL lamp ordered and wired.
I also opted to put a master over ride switch on one of the fan circuits just encase it was ever needed. while doing that I tested out the rest of the fan circuits by applying a ground to the coil on the relay circuits to see what way the fans were going, ie push or pull............ Yup one was wrong so wiring changed but hmmmmmm this didnt make much difference and another look at the fans showed the blades on on fan to be the wrong way round. This took a good hour to sort but both fans are working now the way they should once the ground trigger is applied across the relay.
Enough for today and time to get the beast running ...................................................................

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