Sunday, 1 December 2013

Stainless mesh

Took into the front of the Cobra today to get the slots done with the stainless steel mesh. Started of with making a few former's to mold the wire mesh around and trim it before putting it into place and final tweaking.

The former for the bottom oil cooler duct was just the piece I had cut from the body a long long time ago when the project started but had never threw it out. The 2 side slots and the bonnet scoop meshes were done with some PVC facia I had knocking about. 
Once  in place they were sealed in with polyurethane sealer.

Another job to get out of the road for the IVA was to fit  a temporary board the size of a number plate. I used some plywood for this BUT the edges were also rounded for the test, if left they will fail the 2.5mm rule :(. The plate was then secured to the stainless bar with 2 stainless P clips.

 That was about it for today, all in all good progress though I did have one of those famous ooooooooooo Ffffffffffffff moments when tidying up. I noticed the new bulb that I had bought to replace the faulty one in the Clock. hmmmmmmmmm dash out time again, Pity I didnt remember that during the week before the final install.

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