Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brakes and side vents.

Carried on with the drivers side side vent today and it was pretty straight forward apart from the one bolt that goes into the footwell, I needed the second pair of hands to get it installed. I also finished of the passenger side by adding some 20mm electrical grommets to the heater air holes. Thats now one job less to do when it comes round to the IVA checklist.
We took into bleeding the brake and clutch systems which didnt go according to plan and in typical fashion its always the most aquard nuts to get at that cause issues. The bridging pipe on one of the calipers had a leak on the very inside, after a bit of time flaffing about A spanner was cut and modified to get at the offending nut, fingers crossed it now seems fine, On hindsight it may of been a good idea to put the brake and clutch system under pressure before the body goes on.
Both the Brake and clutch systems seem to be fine now but with a fresh head I'll check them again.
The next  visit to the workshop will be for a good tidy up as it looks a right mess tonight :)

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