Monday, 11 November 2013

More wiring and a few odds and ends

A long day today, punched in 12hrs at the car and really started to get on top of the wiring and back up to speed with it.  The heated seat wiring is now complete apart from waiting on the switches to arrive and a bezel to be made to house them. The permanent 12V for the ECU has been sorted and fused, also the main power for the ECU has been added through a Relay which is triggered via the second Ignition key position. A few other wires put in and cables shortened and tidied.
The battery compartment got a lick of paint and the brake and master cylinder compartment. I had decided when working in these that some paint would brighten them up and whilst looking for something else I came across some Green hammerite that had been kicking about the house for over a decade so it was about time it was put to good use.

Still some work to do in there, finish the brake reservoir and connect the wiring, I,m also waiting on LED lights arriving for this compartment and also the battery compartment so inspection will be easier when the car is on the road.
Another job on the drivers side was to secure the headlight better, I just didn't like the idea of self tappers holding the light in place. As with the passenger side I secured the light with 5 mm stainless bolts and lock nuts.

Just need to apply some Waxoyl around the bolts now and that's another job out of the book.

I had trail fitted the dash when  trimming it to fit correctly but found poping the trim in behind it a tad aquard for fitment so I cut and measured the trim and glued it into place on the dash with the view it would be easier to fit the dash with it in place.

Roll on tmw for another good day at the Cobra :)

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