Sunday, 24 November 2013

Control stalks

The steering column area got a wee bit done on it today as well, the stainless cover I have for the front face of the steering column has symbols engraved on it so Andy said the stainless stalks could be fitted before the IVA test. First was to run the hacksaw through the plastic stalk just before the flange where the rubber boot sits over.

In the picture above you can see the exact place the stalk is cut and filled. Once thats done a small pilot hole was drilled in the center of the shaft then a 5mm drill used to drill down the stalk. The length that the stalk is drilled is the amount that your GD stainless stalks are threaded.

Once drilled and tapped with a M6 x 1.0mm tap the stainless stalk is then screwed in. I applied some thread luck or nut retainer medium grade when doing this.

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