Tuesday, 12 November 2013

More wiring and POWER

Well there comes a time when you just have to apply some sort of power to the beast..................
So it didn't get to complex and a load of snags to fix in one go i decided to leave the engine ECU out of the equation for the moment meaning that all the auxiliary circuits were connected bar the few jobs that I had remaining to do on the wiring.
On power up not a lot seemed to happen apart from the brake lamp test switch working, hmmmmmmm first thoughts were a bad earth but everything was fine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Now the funny part. It really does help when testing the electrics if you take the fuse box cover off and insert fuses :D.
With the fuses in place and a sigh of relief the testing began , first fault was the brake lights not working which turned out to be a faulty brake switch at the pedal box and it was a brand new one at that. With that replaced the brake lights were spot on.
Next fault was the air horns they needed the connections swopped to blow air instead of pulling it through the trumpets. The last fault ,,,,,,, well not a fault,,,,,,, the fog light wouldn't work. All i will say at this point is make sure you turn on your lights before attempting to turn on the fog light :D ,,,,,,,,, Fog light works fine.

With that end of the wiring out of the way the next job was to supply the engine with 6 liters of 5/30 Castrol oil and fill the system with coolant. :)

Next job in hand will be hooking up the ECU fuses and a Jerry can of fuel to see what happens, my stomach is churning already :)

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