Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pedal box

Another day and a bit more done, weather was great today so very enjoyable with the doors open in the workshop and the birdies chirping outside.
I went with the fixed pedal box rather than the adjustable as I like the new GD seats with the headrest inbuilt, this allows me to fit seat runners and does away with the need for an adjustable box.
First I dismantled the box

With that done I setup the position required, then marked one hole, removed the pedal box and drilled it out, then repositioned the pedal box and bolted it up, marked up the other bolt holes and used the right size hole saws to center the arbour. Removed the box all drilled out all the holes

Pedal box was then bolted back in, then the master cylinders attached.

I didn't bolt it up tight as it will be in and out a few times during the build, no point adding more work :)

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