Sunday, 2 May 2010

Heater Box

Another day and 2 steps forward and one back again, The heater box was on the job sheet for today, Firstly it was dismantled taking the sides of , removing the matrix and then the blower fan.

The side mounting flanges need cut of and some M6 rivnuts installed on the outlet side. This is to allow mounting to the car using M6 x 25mm bolts. Some very good information on this heater installation on Simon's Blog.
Now modifying the box was the easy bit for me. Once the mods were done the holes for the duct needed drilled in the bulkhead, my project had no pre drilled holes and most things not marked so its been a learning curve working out some holes.
With the duct holes drilled, I made a template like Simon and marked the mounting bolt holes.

So far so good then my brain overloaded may have been due to the wine last night :) I had to try and figure out with nearly no space where on earth the holes went into the engine bay, for the heater pipes, the more i thought the more i panicked as i knew they had to be 100% accurate. After a couple of hours flaffing about measuring remeasuring and reading online I took the plunge and drilled them.
Now for the step back again, heater box has to come out and be put away as the engine bay still needs sanded and buffed more and this can be done with the heater pipes sticking out. A well I will see progress soon I hope.

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