Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Radiator Fans

As with most builds you get evenings where you go out to do one job and you get side tracked.I went to do a wee bit more to the wiring and wanted a rough idea where and how much cable to add into the engine loom for the fans.
I got the Radiator out and the fans and decided to mount the fans on the Rad.

First I set the fans on the Radiator and then measured what length I needed the stainless bar to be.

With the bars cut I marked them top and bottom to be drilled,Two 5mm holes top and bottom, these get pop riveted to the rad. Once the bars where drilled they were set back on the Radiator and then the Radiator marked to be drilled with 5mm holes.
Once they were done the bar were put back on and a couple of the pop rivets pushed in just to hold them in place, Fans then set back on and the holes marked for the rivnuts. The Rivnuts are pressed in facing outwards away from the Radiator.

Next step is to drill out the fan mount holes from 6mm to 7mm, this lets the rivnuts fit inside the fan mounts, giving a great location guide before the M5 x 15mm bolts and washers are installed, It's also a good idea to put thread lock on as well.

Hopefully with some time tmw,the radiator and bars can be painted as its very easy marked when working at it.
Takes a while to do the Radiator Fan mounts like this but its a much much better job the the normal pins that push through as they can damage the cores. GD advised to mount the fans with the 4 x 20mm bar.
You end up drilling about 48 holes with this wee job and thats without pilot holes.


  1. Nicely done, appears to be "the" way to mount those fans!!

  2. It's a solid job the only thing to watch for with the fans is that they are pushing or pulling, The pacet fans its only a matter of flipping the blades 180 deg. Andy mentioned this when we spoke last so I checked today, had to change mine :)

  3. Hi Rob, could you do me a favour and measure the fans so I know what size they are? Im getting mine from Merlin but I need to cross reference the size! Either that are there any Pacet part number on them? Many Thanks

  4. Sorry have not been about for the last week Andy, just seen your comment
    CF364 is the pacet number, they are 12" fans.
    Hope that helps

  5. Helps a great deal, many thanks.

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