Monday, 3 May 2010

Shell to chassis mounts

Read somewhere but cant remember where that a couple of the rubber mounts need cut along the tunnel section of the car to stop the shell fowling on them. Grinder outside and cut and sprayed. The other 10 mounts I took of and greased them to stop any rust forming behind them.

brake lines and fuel line all run up and clipped to the front of the car. Figured out the speedo, reverse lock and reverse switches on the gearbox.

The GD stainless exhausts are temp mounted on the car, I,m waiting on a couple of LS6 exhaust manifold gaskets coming from summit Racing before I seal it up. Tried the UK but no one had them in stock.
Going to take A look at the engine wiring loom now to get an idea what way to run it and identify some of the engine plugs.

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