Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Engine bay Electrics

Some decent progress made today with the wiring, well from an identification point of view spent a couple of hours trying to ID things and going through wires with Alan
Anyways the oil pressure sender on the LS unit is an electrical type so this needs removed.

I removed the switch and installed a bolt, which was drilled right through after it was shortened, then it was widened out part of the way down and tapped for the Smiths Gauge fitting. Once this was done it was installed into its location.

Next the oil temperature probe was installed just above the oil Filter

Water temperature probe fitted

Now starting to take the loom apart as I need to add some more wires and also move the location of some branches. I want the loom to go comfortably in the center of the engine bay and back inside the dash, at the moment its to far to the Drivers side.

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