Monday, 3 May 2010

Rear axle

I gave Alan a call last night, nice to chat about the builds with somone else whos doing the job or done it, his project isnt far of being sorted, Lucky chap :)
Sometimes guidance or re assurance works wonders.
Taking today away from the shell to go back to the chassis and go over whats been done and what needs to be sorted ie Engine wiring.
Decided to start at the rear axle and move forward, Checked all the bolts and nuts etc, Diff carrier bolts are wired as are the brake calipers. Checked the diff oil and greased the drive shaft joints just to top up.

Checked all the brake lines as well a couple needed a wee nip up and the drive shaft castle nuts needed the split pins put in

The handbrake mech needs a couple of return springs installed not sure if I have them or not and will need to see where the chassis needs drilled to mount them. I turned the shocks fully anticlockwise and turned them clockwise 5 clicks springs are set showing 10 threads below them. Will have to get more info on the settings later.
Off to get find some bolts for the drive shaft now, update later.

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