Monday, 10 May 2010


No physical progress on the car today and the next couple of days will be the same infact the next week is going to be busy.
Spare time today was spent sorting out parts, Onto good old eBay for stainless nuts bolts and washers of various sizes, and some electrical connectors.
Sent another few emails of about parts and spent a while on the phone with Andy ordering the heater hoses I need along with some stainless bits and chassis foam. I also ordered the footwell extension and the flush locks for the bonnet. Not needed yet but i took a notion and ordered the harnesses so that bill jumped a tad.
It's funny how you think you have most of the things you need until you take into a few jobs and then you find out you need quite a bit lol.
Also asked Andy to price up the carpets, interior trim and wheels, Got a feeling I'll need a stiff drink as the GD stuff is top of the line :) all I can say is I'm glad the target is to get the car on the road next year.


  1. I think you'll need more than one stiff drink, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

  2. Guess the single barrel JD will have to come out then :) better do it in style