Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cooling system

Made a start on this today, I had already made the modified fan brackets for the radiator so I put the Radiator in place. next to be fixed was the GD modified thermostat housing, the original came out at an angle.

Mounted the expansion tank to the crossbar, I drilled under the bar and put in some rivnuts, soaked inside the crossbar with dinitrol once i had the holes drilled. I made some measurements and also mounted the stainless heater pipes that GD made up for me.

The heater pipes run up the side and then across under the expansion tank, Not a great pic sorry :(

While I was at it I sorted the hose for the AFM and connected it up properly.I still need some more hosing to connect up the outlet to the Carbon Air pipe the goes down to the filter.

Started to get the cooling hoses on and in place, only have normal clips for these so need to order some stainless ones.

I still need the heater hoses, thought they were here so will have to chase them up. I also noticed I don't have some bits for the steering so another few bits to the list for Andy tmw.

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