Sunday, 9 May 2010


Started clipping the engine loom cables this morning, early start to a long day :)
I noticed that where some of the cables were running the block had threaded holes for different things I,m not using, but all the holes were 8mm or 10mm way to big for the 5mm bolt needed for the stainless P clips.
Had a wee idea I took a M10 bolt and screwed it in near as far as it goes, then cut it so i had basically a piece of threaded bar.

I then drilled a hole down the center of the bolt to allow it to be tapped for a M5 bolt.

Once tapped and the M5 in place, I put some retainer on it and screwed it into the block, Just needs the P clip in place now, seems a tidy job. Can do the same with some of the other clips others I need to make some brackets, That's on the cards when i get time outside again.

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