Friday, 30 April 2010

Fuel filler cap 2

After a wee bit of head scratching and going through the brake fitting I came up with a plan as I didn't want to go and get a npt tap for one job and have to order and wait for a 1/8 npt fitting.
I took out a M10 male and female brake fitting and decided to weld them giving the fitting required for the job.
Now I have loads of M10 taps 1.5 and 1.25 but no 1.00mm, sods law the filler neck is alloy so soft, so I decided to tap it the old fashioned way :) For M10 its a 9mm hole which I marked out but putting the neck back in the car and marking the location where it needed to be to route the brake pipe vent. Once marked it was drilled out.
next step I used the normal M10 tap JUST to start the thread by about 1 turn, once that was done I took a spare m10 male fitting (see pic) and cut 2 slots in it with the grinder. I used that slowly to tap a thread in the alloy filler neck just doing a bit at a time and keeping it lubricated. 10mins job done.
I then welded the male and female fittings together, ground them down and installed the finished item into the neck with some threadlock.
Just need to clean it up and put it away until a later stage when the body work is sorted.

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