Sunday, 22 December 2013

VIN plate

Woo Hoo the vin plate arrived from GD  costs £42.00 but it is a good quality item. There is something about th arrival of the vin plate and the task of mounting the plate that is rather special. It's like the moment you take delivery of the chassis, or the body or fire up the engine.................. well no , firing up the engine is like that one night stand you will never forget lol.
Right,, hmm its another land mark saying , Hey the Cobra is near ready for the big IVA test which is one step or two from being road legal.
I had took way to many hours working out what went where in my engine bay as to me its an area which is more important than the interior, must look clean and simple, extremely hard task with modern wiring and ecu modules.
The Vin plate in pride of place :)

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