Monday, 2 December 2013

Steering rack and rad infill panel

Started of the day fitting the radiator infill panel which was pretty straight forward 2 holes drilled to bolt to the radiator mounting plate and then a couple more to the inner wings and job done.

Great when jobs go well ......... to good to be true............... Yup
When doing the infill panel I had cause to turn the wheels, it was then I noticed that the front of wheel was hitting hard on the inner wing and the rear on the other side, It was the same when the steering was turned fully the opposite way.
A quick email to GD and a post on the forum soon brought the required answer. The 18 inch wheels cause some fouling and the rack needs spacers inserted to increase the lock stop point. Martin did this with his build and it works fine.
I started of by removing the gators of the steering rack and measuring the white Nylon lock stop 38mm mine is and the inside measurement required is 22mm. First a 38mm hole saw to cut out the discs then a 22mm to cut out the inner 22mm hole,  Some 3mm spacers were made and also some 1.5mm.

Once made I cut a slot in them to allow then to be opened and put over the arm, The 3mm was a bit stiff and a couple snapped when springing them open. It took 12mm of spacing to stop the wheels rubbing on the inner wings.

 For now I have not replaced the ties on the gators I want to see if I maybe do with a 1.5mm less on each side. Once the front is let down on the ground this increases the gap to the inner wing. At the moment with the wheels on the ground there is about 5mm of clearance which is great but I may trim the inner wing lip to gain a bit more.

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