Sunday, 22 December 2013

Boot and Alarm

I had thought the boot was finished but its interesting no matter how often we visit an area of the build that we see something else we could do or improve on existing work that we have completed.
As mentioned in the last post I have been installing a Cat1 Alarm system in the Cobra and part of the inputs had an option for a boot trigger.
There was no boot ground switch installed so this had to be looked into and the best place for a switch sorted. The up side of installing a boot switch meant that it would make sense to install a light in the boot as well that would operate when the boot lid was opened.
After some head scratching it was decided that the boot ground trigger switch would be activated by one of the boot hinges, the reason for this was that mounting the switch anywhere else would look agricultural  and not ascetically pleasing.
In order to shape the bracket and  find the exact striking point from the boot hinge to the switch you need to get into the boot and close it behind you, ps bring a torch :D
The rest is common sense in sorting out where bracket goes and the length of it, my bracket was less than 90 degrees in order to allow the hinge to strike the switch at approx 90 degrees. The ground trigger acted as 2 functions, the first was to operate the interior boot light and the second was to trigger the alarm.

Only took 1 picture and most of the bracket is hidden but you will get the general idea. The bracket is bonded on with sikaflex or any other polyurethane sealant.  If it bond body panels then a small bracket isnt going to move. the light is attached to one of the screw fixings for the hood however sealant would bond the led light in place as well.
One other job I noticed in the boot was the large grommets for the roll bars. If the rain or water was driven in either via wind while driving or just a windy day water would drip into what ever luggage was in the boot. I decided to seal the outer rims of the grommets to help prevent this possible occurrence.

On my list to do when nout else to do is smooth rite the top of the boot, hind sight a great thing..................... do this before installing the carpets as after the carpets are installed you start to notice it looks iffy and you will want to paint it :) I painted the back of the boot previous but never thought of doing the roof part.

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