Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bonnet Rams part 2

Made a start on the passenger side upper bracket today, The bottom part of the ram was bolted into place and then the position marked on the bonnet where the top bracket was going.
Pic below shows the ram in place and compressed along the inner wing. The wing is marked, bonnet closed and bonnet marked where the paint mark was put on the inner wing.
This gives the mounting hole point of the upper bracket and the rest is handy enough.

In the picture below you can see where the center mark is on the Bonnet, the top bracket is then set in place and the holes marked , drilled and alloy rivnuts inserted.

With both sides  done and tested that they were working exactly the same the brackets were removed and painted before the final fit below.

All in all it seems to look a lot better than the standard single bracket.
The Piston rams are called Nitrolift, there website is

part number GS8-18-210-270

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