Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Speedo and Alarm

Not a lot done over this past week as the car is near finished for IVA and I am waiting on parts coming from GD to finish off a few jobs, had hoped they would of been here last week but hoping they will be here for the coming weekend.
One thing I had not checked was the Speedo reading and upon testing it was not registering at all. I ended up taking the steering controls off and the dash out again to get at the wiring to test, turned out that one of the Speedo wires was not connected as per the diagram I had. Speedo is now reading but needs calibrated later.

I have a Cat 1 alarm system to get wired into the car and now is as good a time as any to get it installed as I wont be applying for the IVA test to the new year.

A lot of the wiring wont be needed for the Cobra so will go though most of it before installing in the Cobra, once Installed and pictures taken of the hidden wiring and mountings I'll get the local center to issue a cert for the insurance. I bought the unit from them and they are happy for me to install the unit myself knowing the cars wiring.

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