Monday, 9 December 2013

Lazy build day but what a buzz

Our electric was to be off around here most of the day and things had to be done in the AM. After waiting 4 days the local autoparts got in the Miller ATF dexron III for the Tremec 6 speed gearbox. The gearbox oil was the last item that needed sorted before firing the car up, putting it in gear and hoping all went according to plan.
That said and done, the magic moment arrived and with baited breath the Cobra was fired up, clutch in and select gear,.................................. With a knot in the tummy the clutch was let out slowly and forward momentum was achieved, with each rotation the cheesy grin got bigger and bigger.
With the Cobra out of the workshop each trip up and down the driveway got better and better. Very few revs got the rear end twitching, NOTE to myself............. drive easy or the Snake will teach me manners.

A few pics of the new snake seeing daylight for the first time.

Loads still to do on the Cobra but today was well worth waiting for, now its back to the workshop to get a few more jobs completed and the ever impending IVA test............

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