Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Buffer lies down :(

Well as it says on the tin, my pro buffer just decided to give up, the electronic speed control stopped working so its of to the shop as its only 5 months old and done a couple of cars. Just one of those things that happen and its one item that has never a good time to quit.
Early start this afternoon so while waiting for some tech info from GD re the dash instruments/switches I decided to buff the shell a wee bit, only got 10 Min's.
That buggers up my plans as it could be 2 weeks before it gets repaired, really wanted it for the holiday weekend.
A bit of a rethink in order now job wise, once I get back from town I'll tackle more of the under seal and get that job wiped out. Not sure whats on the list after that, I'm sure I'll soon come up with something :)

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