Tuesday, 27 April 2010


The dash cut outs Hmmmmmm nervous to say the least, Opting for the Carbon faced dash which I think looks really well it was time to measure out and start cutting out the holes for the clocks, lights and switches. The Only problem is that one slip and the dash is scrap. The holes for the warning lamps are just a 12mm hole but I used a few sizes of drill bit to get up to the final hole size, I started with the battery drill but found it wanting to cut in once I got to the large bit and was in danger of taking a chip out of the face so I headed for the pillar drill which gave much more control and made the job easy. I would not fancy doing these free hand unless I reground the drill bit to a really small angle.
For the small Gauges, start button and hazard relay I used a hole saw which done the job perfect again on the pillar drill.
The 2 large cut outs for the Tacho and Speedo I reverted back to the trusty dremmel and the radius tool which worked spot on.
Took a long time to get to this stage but well worth it, next is to install the clocks and start the wiring. I got the Diagram from GD today which should help identify the wires etc. I went with the Smiths classic gauges which should go really well with the Carbon dash.
I want to get the Dash part finished as its a module and can be put away until needed again, then I can get back to the sanding and buffing, the part we all love so well :))))))))))))))))))))))

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