Monday, 26 April 2010

Door Gell and wiring loom

Looked at the tops of the doors where the mould join is, then sanded the area slightly to roughen the surface but not taking to much away from the gell, There is quite a few air bubbles as normal in the doors. After the sanding I masked of the area and coated both doors with some gell once it hardens I'll have a go at sanding it to see how it comes up, more on this later.
I took out the GD main harness today and had a look at it to see whats envolved with it, I must say its very well made and worth the extra cost implication as oppossed to a standard loom.
First job with the loom was to ID all the wires, I got this info from the GD paperwork. Idea with the labels was to ID the wires as the loom went in, knowing quicking at a glance what went where.

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