Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bonnet scoop 3

After drilling all the holes in the bonnet for the M4 button heads, next job was to cut a really big chunk out of the bonnet going through both skins.
I carefully ran masking tape 10mm right round the scoop in from the holes that had been drilled and 20mm in from the front of the scoop.
With this marked out a deep breath or 3 and the combination of the angle grinder for the straight bits and the dremel for the curves the cuts were made. The outer skin comes of first then you trim the corners of the inner skin to release it. Just before the cut through is made in the skins support it so it does not snap of and take a chunk of the bonnet with it.
Once cut out the file and the flap disc on the pencil grinder smoothed of any rough bits.
Now once the bonnet is cut it reveals the outer and inner skin, there is a gap between these and the surfaces need bonded together. IT is important not to squeeze these to skins butt tight as it distorts the bonnet, I checked this with GD.
So putting a few temp bolts in just to retain the natural gap between the skins I then bonded them with a polyurethane bonding agent, tiger seal, sikaflex etc does the same job.
With that done the next job whilst the bonnet cures is to remove the front part of the scoop so wire mesh can be installed. So tea break over and away to play with the dremel again :)

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