Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sanding and Buffing

Done some work on the dash on Friday, spoke to GD as the wiring loom came with no diagram or ID tags, Email to follow, but it didn't land so I took another look at the Gel coat as I mentioned before. It buffed up well but having done quite a few spray jobs over the years I reckoned I could get it even better to match a pro spray job,
So out come the DA sander and the 1500 discs, It's hard to see in the pics but if you look you can see after a light sand when the shine is off the surface in places has the appearance of an orange skin. I sanded the area until it was dead flat, One pic shows the finished result :) looks like a mirror infact you cant see the car, just looks like a perfect reflection.
Will take some time to go over the whole car and buff it up but the end result will be worth it.
Looking ahead I need to decide on interior trim and carpets etc so I know what route I am going down , wheel size is another issue that's floating about at the moment.


  1. That's some finish, you must have masochist tendencies. I spent the weekend doing mine and I am about ready to jump of the nearest building, you don't want to pop round and finish it of do you.

  2. lol it does get a bit painfull, but I'm trying to do a bit then go do something else before going back to it. Each time I think an area is done i see something else. I'm not looking forward to the bonnet, boot and door edges. I think you could easily spend a week or so sanding and buffing to a glassy finish and thats before it gets the final buff at the end of the build. I was thinking of having a buffing party but i dont think many would come :)