Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bonnet Scoop 1

Interesting thought cutting the center out of a perfectly finished bonnet.
Step one the top of the scoop starts 3" down from the edge at the bulkhead. Now to find the center line with curved corners and sloping sides makes it a bit more aquard.
On the straight part of the sides of the bonnet I made a few measurements up it and marked the center to give me a rough guide to start with. I laid the scoop on the bonnet and put some masking tape either side closest to the front of the car and another bit at the top in the center and marked it 3" down.
setting the scoop on I made a series of measurements at both sides and also the distance from the 2 front corners to the front of the bonnet. When I was sure it 3" down and had the same measurements side to side and also to the front of the bonnet I drew round the corners onto some masking tape also had a bit at the side. I could then remove it happily knowing that when placed back it would be in the same place.
When in place from each front corner to the front of the bonnet was 487mm and from the same front corners 220mm to each side of the bonnet. Top center was 3" from the bonnet top. I had another measurement at the top from side to side but this varies depending on where each person puts the tape across as a reference.

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