Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bonnet scoop 2

With The actual position on the bonnet marked out, my next job was to mark out where all the holes where to be drilled in the scoop. After some head scratching and masking off round the lip with some 20mm masking tape I decided to make the first hole 10mm in from the front of the scoop at each side. After that I marked a hole dead center at the top of the scoop so that each hole from there to the front corner either side should work out in the same place. I then set about working out the spacings to make them equal 51mm worked out just about perfect after a few trail marks.
With everything marked out to my liking it was of to the pillar drill to drill all the holes out with a 4mm bit to suit the M4 by 20mm Button heads and lock nuts. If needed I can ream them with a 4.5mm bit later.
Once all was done The scoop was set back on the bonnet and held down with some gaffer tape to stop it moving about whilst the bonnet itself was drilled through both skins. Best to leave the masking tape on for this as the drill can spring when going through the skins.

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