Sunday, 18 April 2010

Slow going this past while with half the house getting pulled apart, wall down, floor lifted new kitchen, bathroom and half the house tiled in natural stone but I guess we all have to do the indoor work at times :)
Anyways some further progress on the GD Cobra I got the door fitted and the mechanisms, this took a right bit of tweaking and adjusting to get the gaps right.
The bonnet fitting was a simple task but I ended up removing the hinges quite a few times to slightly bend them in one direction or another to get the bonnet set at the right height and the shut lines sorted. Looks much better than using washers or packers to sort it.
The boot was much along the same lines as the bonnet, once both were sorted I fitted the stay bars to both, the standard stay bars need the brackets modified in order to fit correctly, the bonnet lower bracket is removed and the hole used to bolt it in place, the boot lower bracket needs attached to another bracket with I made to fit under the boot lip.

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