Thursday, 29 April 2010


Made a start on the 2 doors the other day. The process of getting rid of the air bubbles along the join at the top of the doors and down the edge. The coarse lines were removed before with a file so it only meant flatting along the tops of the doors with 800 grit wet and dry, This was only to key the surface and not to try and sand down into the GD gel finish.
Once that was done I masked of the area either side of the mould lines and made up some gel coat 50.1 ratio or a couple of drops to a tea spoon.
I just let it sit for a couple of days to cure as I was in no hurry to get back at it, though I removed the masking tape a few hours after the gel went on.
Next stage was to sand down the newly applied gel with 800 grit paying attention to not go onto the GD gel to much, Once it was flatted down and the seam lines of the new gel totally blended in I looked over the door again and 95% of the air bubbles were taken care of.
If I had applied the 3rd coat of gel on the first hit I think it would of got them all out in one go, but happy now that this job is in hand.
I'll put some gel on the side of the doors and along the bottom when doing the final bit at the tops.

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