Friday, 23 April 2010


A bit more done, lights and indicators at the front are finished, I also cut the air vents out just need to get some stainless mesh for them. Oil cooler blank is cut out as well.
Mounted one of the side indicators to see how it looked, to be honest I would rather not have these but its an IVA must. Next I made a start on the rear lights but only done the side/stop and Indicator on one side as I need to sand and buff the mounting area on the other side.
All in all good progress this week and I ordered some more parts from GD over riders, twin cooling fans, seat belt anchor bolts and door Escutcheons that's another few quid taken care of.
I ordered some 3M 1500 grit sanding discs of EBay the other day and they arrived this afternoon, i,m thinking of flatting the complete shell again to get a more glassy finish as I can still see the odd dimple here and there, will make that decisions over the next few days.
Next on my list is to build the dash, I want to get all the cut outs done so I can make any cuts needed in the bulkhead area where the dash bolts up to. Not looking forward to this bit as I'm installing a Carbon fronted dash so no room for error and the thoughts of the drill bit chipping a lump out of the Carbon do not bear thinking about :(

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