Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time goes by

Been ages from I got any work done to the Cobra project, over this past 2 weeks I did get back into the swing of things having some extra time. The first few nights got taken up on where on earth was I on the build and trying to figure out where to start etc.
Well the first job was to get the body of :( The rubber mounts that attach the body to the chassis have rivnuts in 10 of them and 2 without, hmmm I only found this out after the body was on hence I could not get the bolts into 2 of them. Anyways there were a few we other things I could tackle with the body off again. I suppose its the beauty of the GD Cobra that the chassis and body can be seperated quite quickly though it does take a while to put it back on again on your own but I,ve done this twice now and I'm happy enough doing it myself.
The fuel system in the boot had some work done as well, I made up a stainless steel bracket for the fuel filter and fuel pump, insulated with rubber and also used 6mm rubber to mount it to the body, this should keep any vibration down. I mounted the pressure regulator above them and connected the lot up using fuel safe braided hoses and using the GD connection kit. need to run the hose out to the solid fuel line yet after that I will look at getting the tank strapped down.
 Body being lifted on on the winch.

I had to add more numbers to the chassis number for the IVA .
One of the rubber mounts I had to change round.

Fuel system.

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