Monday, 31 October 2011

Pedal box

What started out to be smallish job ended up taking a long time to do. I thought I was at the point of adding the brake pedal switch and then simply bolting the pedal box back in, hmmmmm wrong, quite a few hours later with the pedal box in and out a few times and a sore back its in now and I hope it don't have to come out for a long time.
Once I made the bracket for the brake light switch I ran some rubber U channel around it, not sure if its needed for IVA or not but better safe than sorry. Once I put the pedal box back in I looked at the spacings of the pedals and remembered that for people with broader feet needs the pedal spacing tweaked. As I had the footwell extension in I could move the clutch and brake pedals over towards the tunnel, I also moved the acceleration pedal at tad. I ended up with the pedal box in and out a few times to get this right for me and taking it apart each time to alter the pedals in the vice. Not easy putting the pedal box in on ur on bolt wise. I thought once this was done that was me , errr em nope, I noticed the goo goo pedal :) was just a straight bar right up and nothing there to attach the throttle cable to, suppose this is due to the fact we fit so many engines/cables. I had to take a while and figure out the route the throttle cable needed to go from the engine back to the pedal. Took a while to get the best route but once it was attached to the bulkhead wall I could see what mods needed carried out on the pedal shaft to attach the cable. I drilled and slotted the top and then added a stainless Jubilee so it could never jump out of the locator.
Pedal box was then bolted up and during this the adjusters were set for the brake and clutch cylinders, just more time :)
On another note I removed the windscreen pillar cover and ran some rubber U channel around it, again for IVA and their edge rule, I also replaced the lower bolt for a dome head again just to be safe. Some pics below, not sure what I'm doing next but loads to choose from :)

                                                                  Pedals moved to the left
                                                              Plenty of foot room now :)
All bolted up and throttle connected, rubber around windscreen pillar cover.
                                            Stainless throttle bracket added and cable attached

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