Friday, 28 October 2011

Roll bars and interior

Got back to doing the final mounting on the roll bars. The rubber seals i made up were stuck to the boot floor with sikaflex. I drilled and tapped the rear leg of the roll bars to allow fitting of the new head rest mounts. I got some stainless steel thread bar to allow mounting to the headrest.
Took a while to get the hoops into place and everything bolted up, Job done now :)
I set the seats in the car to see what the interior was going to look like, looks the mutts nutts :))) well happy with the design of the seats I come up with, red stitching looks well on them.
Hope to get a bit more done over the weekend, some pics below of the work done and car now.


  1. Hi Rob

    Where did you get all the cockpit leather trimming done? I would like a two tone look also.



  2. Hi Rob

    Where did you get your seats and interior trim from? I will be wanting a two tone affair too.