Thursday, 20 October 2011

Door cards etc

Got both the door cards fitted, they were simple enough to do just needing 7mm holes marked out and drilled for the door card clips and a nick in the leather for the handle to be fitted.

Made a start on the interior carpet doing a dry run, more on this on the next update, I made up some temp head rest brackets as I,m getting some different one made up by GD that connect to the rear leg of the roll bar.

Another job that need done was to make up some rubber seals where the roll bar legs go through the floor of the boot to stop any ingress of water, I can't final fit the hoops yet until I mark out then drill and tap the holes in the rear leg where the final rest rest brackets will be fixed. Once they are done thats the hoops hopefully ready to be properly fitted.

Got some rubber U channel and fitted it to the inner lip of the boot, makes a nice tidy finish to the area, I still need to get some rubber seal and fit it around the boot as well to stop any water getting in.

Tackling a few other bits on the interior at the moment will post more on the next update, thats all for now, theres work to be done :)

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