Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Boot area

The boot is coming along nicely now, The fuel tank is now installed and strapped into place with a couple of stainless steel straps I had made up.I used rubber under the straps so they did not rub on the tank. Fuel sender is wired up as well, I ran an earth to the tank and well and up to the filler cap, not sure if its needed for IVA but it done now anyways.

Filler pipe and connections done to the Cap and a beather pipe put in.

shinny bling cap :)

While I was in working arond the boot I fitted the tail pipes on the exhaust system, I think the look well and the GD exhaust is very tasty done in 316 stainless and all tig welded.

I took out the big box of carpet I got from GD, there is some load of carpet to be fitted in the boot. looks like more for the boot than inside the car. I have a few more jobs to do in the boot before I start putting the carpet in like a cover for the fuel pump/filter.

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