Sunday, 30 October 2011

Footwell extension and carpets

I started on the car today by taking back out the drivers seat and making a start on the handbrake mounting position and getting the mounting holes drilled through the carpets and body floor. I need to get my handbrake cable shortened and a different end put on it. Will ring speedy cables tmw and hopefully that will get that snag sorted.
I went to do the drivers side bulkhead carpet then realised I had not fitted the footwell extension, worse still I had not drilled all the holes in the body to get it bolted up. Well this took ages to do but we got there in the end. I put alloy rivnuts in the extension piece and used 5mm button heads inserted from the inside. I also run a bead of  silicon to help seal it.
Once the extension piece was installed next began trying to carpet round the extension and the last bit of the tunnel, hmmmmmm pain in the butt this was and I was getting a tad high with my head right inside the footwell lol.
I also glued in the small bulkhead piece once i cut the holes out for the pedal box.
Before the pedal box goes back in I need to make a brake switch bracket to mount on the pedal box that's the next job on the to do list.

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