Saturday, 15 October 2011

Boot carpet

I got stuck into the boot carpet, I was really surprised just how much carpet it takes to cover inside it boot area, seems more than there is inside the car. I got my carpet set from GD, its most likely cheaper to go and buy carpet and do your own but by the time you would pay someone to edge all the carpet I recon its better to buy the GD set as they use the best quality carpet :)
It took me a lot longer to fit and glue in the carpet than i first though, maybe cause I got a tad high on the contact adhesive a few times, very easy when ur head is inside the boot :))))))))
I still need to glue the bit that covers the back of the lights but the rest is done and dusted, will glue the last bit when all is sorted. I painted the very back of the boot just to tidy it up. Ooooo i cut the holes for the Roll hoops as well, but they may need made bigger when i go to fit them
While I was working at the rear of the car I fabricated up a couple of stainless steel brackets to fit the reflectors onto. I secured the brackets onto the overrider brackets.
Not sure what I'm doing next, there are that many jobs to choose from but i,m sure something will attract me in the morning :)

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