Thursday, 23 December 2010

Roll Hoop Start

Not much done over this past few days with one thing or another and we had no water today eeeeeeeeekkkkk main pipe on the road froze and its buried down 4'6" . Thank goodness the water service got it sorted :)

Anyways Cobra wise I changed the side indicators, wasn't happy with the Black and Chrome theme on my car having orange indicators on the side so I changed them for clear lens and orange bulbs.

Took into the Roll hoops as well but slow going loads and loads of measuring as the holes have to be made from the chassis up. More on this later but suffice to say they are started, still the 3rd hole to do on the first hoop.

At the back of the boot there ain't much space to drill and I don't have an angle drill of all things so it took a while but I got it sussed.

 After all the marking and got the pilot hole in the top body a 52mm hole saw done the job and then tried the Roll bar back to front, Yeaaaaa I got the measurements spot on, I hope the rest work out the same :)


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