Friday, 17 December 2010

Rear lights , mirrors etc

Got some more work done on the Cobra.

I sanded round the rear of the car and done it with some G6 for now, not worried about the finished polish for now as every time I drill a hole it pops fiberglass dust around the place and the wee particles of glass when very lightly dusting down the car do tend to scratch it. Apart from that I leave the odd wee mark :(

Anyways apart from that I took apart the side mirrors and removed the brackets they come with to fit the GD made ones,

The GD bracket just screws to the black plastic ball which pulls out of the old bracket once the screw is undone.

With the GD brackets mounted on the mirrors, The screen was put back in the car to mark out a few jobs, from the screen escutcheon to the bottom hole of the mirror is 160mm. Once the screen is of the car again I'll drill and tap them.

Next I marked the screw holes for the escutcheons, then onto the centre stay bar. One of the brackets that come with this is not right for the GD see bracket in pic left. Its to small so I had to take some stainless and make another bracket up (right pic) then polish it. Bit more work to do to this and then mark holes to be drilled in the dash for mounting screws.
What else ....... I drilled the holes and mounted the rear fog and reversing light, They are mounted 7" either side of the boot centre. Number plate light also fitted now and connections made.

Hope to get the various holes sorted around the screen sorted next and then buff the screen dash area before putting the screen back in. Hopefully it wont be out again after that but I aint holding my breath on that one lol.

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