Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Me and Mini Me

Well work was dead quiet today and that was enough of an excuse for me to get stuck into the car.
Well there was only me about oooooooooo and mini me, here's mini me lol

I made this up a long time back from steel I had here, the winch was only £50 on offer.
I hooked the winch up via a strong ratchet strap across the 2 outer eye bolts for the harness mounting points and another forward one to the steering column bar.

So here's some pictures of one chappie putting A body on a GD Cobra  :)

Once it was high enough, I rolled the chassis underneath. As it winched up I had to stop a few times to raise the front as it was a bit nose heavy but easy enough to lift and put supports underneath.

On its way down

Nearly there

Once it was down and lightly held, it needed to go forward about 10mm on the rubber mounts so a good plank against the harness plate and the tyre jigged it forward. Fiddled about then and got some bolts in to hold it temporary, It will be coming of again once I get some measurements around the engine bay and a few other things done like the Roll bar holes cut out :shock: 
Then back on for a long time I hope :)

Pretty handy job in the end thanks to the fantastic GD chassis and body design.

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