Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wiper motor and cockpit wiring

Time to get the wiper motor and drive mech into place, first the motor was bolted onto the bracket and the drive and tube curved across the dash past the 2 wiper spindle mechs.
Once everying was in place correctly I marked the bundy tube where the cuts had to be made and also running it about 100mm past the 2nd wiper spindle. Removed the whole lot again and cut the tube pieces and flared all the ends with my flaring tool. All put back and bolted into place. Will have to check operation at some point once the electrics are sorted to make sure its parking in the right place and not 180deg out.

With the wiper motor in place I bolted in the dash air vents then set about looking at piping the dash vents and the vents that blow the air down towards the footwells, The pipes need to be split and I had seen before where people made up T pieces etc. I got a handlier way around this and its a perfect fit for the flexi tubing :) I used 2 waste T pieces and cut of the ends where the rubber O rings are housed the remaining pipe is the excact diameter required. No particular reason I painted them balck the same colour as the pipe. I 'll get back to finishing this job at a later date.
Also got stuck into the wiring behind the dash, I ran near ll the cables that i could behind the dash and inside the car so quite a bit of work in this area, will take me a while and my head is pickled for today :).

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